The TARDIS Demotivated

What did she do this time?

Doctor that I used to know. . .


He Has a Type
Twelve went back in time and start a family just so he could mess with Ten…



So, show us on the picture where she touched you

Matt Smith was my friend’s first doctor and she currently having a hard time adjusting to the idea of new Doctor with new companions.

So fellow Whovian’s could you lend me a hand in help to cheer her up by rebloging this post and sharing what it was like when you lost your first Doctor?


Once again it’s Fan Video Friday. This week video is The Ballot of Russell an Judith.

Accidently post to the wrong…oops


Haha this is hilarious 

Why River became an archaeologist…
Someone made a wrong turn…

WHOLOCKED: The musical

Donna Noble, the one person in the universe who afraid to tell the Doctor to shut it.
[Updated] Details On the Doctor Who Season 8 Theatrical Release | The Mary Sue »

My ticket has been bought.

This week forvfan video Friday, we have a Doctor Who parody of Miley Cyrus’s Wreaking Ball…