The TARDIS Demotivated

I for one am feeling more secure in knowing that a least I be sitting comfortably when the Angels come to Spirit me away.
The AntiChrist has arisen and Steven Moffat is his name…

The doctor getting younger and younger with every regernation… .



Saying Captain Jack’s name is code for “Do me big boy!”
It only the solution to certain problems…
My dog has stolen my Tardis blanket for herself. Her name is River Song….


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Born This Way - Lady Gaga PARODY - Gallifrey is this week’s video.

This week’s video is short but the editing is brilliant. “The Doctor meets the Fox”…



Moffat like the line so much he used it twice…
Why Jack is never allowed to meet past/future self.

I needed a Doctor (is the naame of this week’s video, I actually don’t need a doctor but won’t mind 11.)


-_- not funny…maybe just a little bit ^_^
What did she do this time?